Episode #34: Being Still


In this episode we cover:

  1. The importance of being still in a busy world

  2. How are heart has it's own intelligence

  3. Having your head and the heart work together

  4. Being patient with ourselves

  5. Releasing stuck emotions

Affirmations for this episode:

I deeply love and truly love and approve of myself

Love is everywhere and I allow myself to experience it

I have the power to choose in any situation

Healing occurs every time I rest, relax and allow myself enjoyment

I have patience with myself and others

I am enough

I trust

I trust others

I have faith and tolerance

It's safe to shine

I can be peaceful and shine

I'm aware of my needs and allow myself to take care of them

I easily listen to my inner voice

My family, friends and clients all work with me for my highest good

I allow the help I need

I'm still a wonderful person if I need help

I'm worthy of acceptance

I'm balanced and grounded

I keep my boundaries strong and healthy

I give myself to thrive

I no longer need to hang on to waste

My mind is stable and balanced

My mind adapts to the situations around me while remaining clear and focused

My mind is strong, flexible and stable

My mind is able to tune into my heart

My mind listens to my body and is able to decode it's messages easily

My mind no longer reverts to fear when I'm in challenging situations

The difficulties I face are understood and used for my highest good

All parts of my mind work well together

I easily forgive and forget pat offenses while keeping healthy boundaries

I choose to be peaceful yet work with full purpose of my mind

I easily digest my life

We forgive easily and forget each other's mistake

We allow those who love and support into our family circle

Family holidays are pleasant and memorable

We are able to grow and blossom together

Our family boundaries are strong and healthy with the right amount of flexibility

We provide a shoulder to lean on for each family member for as they need and want it

I easily attract all the help I need in life

I'm worthy of acceptance

I'm worthy of acceptance even on my worst day

I easily maintain healthy body size and image

I no longer need to hang on to waste

During times of illness, stress or lack we all band together and receive what is needed from each other

Being still is safe

Being still is fun

Being still is doable

Being still is part of my routine

I allow myself to be still

It's safe to be still

My family's ok if I'm still

My family allow me to be still

Tanya Ormsby