Episode #31 - Joy In The Journey


In this episode we cover:

- Making time for things that are fun

- Allowing yourself be joyful 

- Scheduling self care 

- How 1st chakra imbalances can cause eating disorders or maintaining a healthy weight

- Releasing the feeling of insatiable yearning 

- The emotions that weaken the 3rd chakra

Affirmations for this episode:

- I allow myself to have joy 

- I'm worthy of having joy 

- Others are ok if I have joy

-  I'm in harmony with the universe

- I allow myself to be peaceful and balance

- There is nothing inferior about me

- It's safe to be loved

- I trust in love

- I am forgivable

- I accept others as they are

- I accept myself as I am

- I no longer need to earn love 

- I love those who need forgiving for not being what I wanted them to be

- Love is everywhere and allow to experience it

- Love is everywhere and I'm worthy to allow myself to experiencing it

- I speak my truth

- I no longer fear rejection when I speak honestly

- I willing replace smoking, alcohol abuse, drugs, overeating and unhealthy dieting with my powerful creativity

- Everything I do is an expression of love

- Others are comfortable with what comes out of my mouth

- I'm becoming more creative each day

- I feel comfortable to speak freely

- I'm secure with what I say

- I love to feel pleasure in my body

- I'm a creative and sensual being

- I love and accept myself just the way I am

- I'm aligned with God's plan for me and we work together for my highest good

- I am whole

- I am able to enjoy all emotions and give me room for expression

- I am know that I am a powerful and a wholesome force for good

- I choose goodness, light and love

- I allow myself to be led by God

- My mind functions optimally

- I'm grateful for each step I made today

- My mind is willing to serve me in accomplishing my mission in life 



Tanya Ormsby