Episode #60: Surrender


In this episode we cover:

The power of surrender

Following our spirit

Why we struggle to let go

Why we sometimes block ourselves

Being inspired by other's success and not intimated by it

How having too many rules hinders us 

Affirmations for this episode:

I allow myself to surrender

Others are ok if I surrender

There is nothing inferior about me

I speak my truth

I'm responsible for the love and happiness in my life 

It's safe for me to see the truth no matter what it is

My approach to learning is individual to me

The world needs my uniqueness

My teachers want to and are able to present my lessons to me in a way that I easily understand

It's safe to grow

I have the courage to speak up and make a difference 

I allow myself to be peaceful and balanced even through times of rapid growth and learning

I'm buoyed by everyone's success and feel inspired to work on my own success

 I form meaningful relationships

I have a deep affinity for animals and enjoy caring for them

 I take pleasure in making things last as long as possible

I foster trust and openness in my relationships

I keep my boundaries strong and healthy

I know when to say no

I easily maintain healthy body size and image

As I invest in myself the universe invests in me too

I allow myself to grow

Growth is safe

I allow all that happens to me to be for my good



Tanya Ormsby