Episode #84: Overcoming The Depths Of Depression


In this episode we cover:

- Being able to feel there is a way out of the darkness

- Creating light in our lives

- Not judging ourselves for the difficulties we go through

- Get support from the people who love us

- Being able to ask for help

- Making time for ourselves and self care

- Living in the present moment

- Feeling that the future can be better

- Releasing victim mentality

- Not taking on too much

- Being able to say no when we need to

- Being flexible and adaptable

- Not pushing ourselves past our limits

- How sometimes change can happen rapidly

- Open up ourselves to possibilities

- Asking ourselves how can this get better?

- Being aware of our unique talents

- The talents that you have been given are necessary to the people around you

- Not using busyness as a way to avoid the truth

- How sometimes aspects of our relationships aren't working and how we sometimes try to prop up something that's broken

- It's ok to change course and careers even if it's later in life

- Discovering and allowing ourselves to think about what we really want (sometimes it's deeply buried)

- Plus much much more.

Affirmations for this episode:

- I'm aware in every moment

- I focus on what I love and it comes to me

- I trust God that all my outcomes in life are for my highest good

- I live my life on purpose

- I'm ok without my depression

- I remain grounded at all times

- I leave no stone unturned in my search for truth

- I maintain my connect to the divine and follow it's direction

- My mind's still and present

- Why do I easily see my goodness

- I'm ok without my stagnation

- I can face the truth

- I'm comfortable expressing my authentic self

- I willingly replace smoking, alcohol abuse, drugs, overeating and unhealthy dieting and bad attitudes with my powerful creativity



Tanya Ormsby