Episode #83: Straighty 180

Episode #83: Straighty 180

In this episode we cover:

- Living by the rules

- How we sometimes need to be flexible with our direction in life

- Being flexible and loving with other people

- Allowing others to take their own path

- Not being so rigid with our life rules

- Not overwhelming ourselves by taking one step at a time

- Remembering how powerful we are

Affirmations for this episode:

- I am powerful

- I no longer rely on other people's opinions of me

- I'm peaceful and balanced while wielding my power

- I no longer care about how others perceive me

- I'm worthy of love, kindness and respect regardless of what I have done

- I'm able to see past my weaknesses and allow them to become my strengths

- I'm comfortable expressing myself authentic self

- Love opens the door for me to feel whole and complete

- It's now the right time to express the best of who I am

- I'm becoming more creative each day



Tanya Ormsby