Episode #82: Taming The Sugar Demon

The Energy Workz Podcast Episode #82: Taming The Sugar Demon

In this episode we cover:

- Soothing ourselves in other ways instead of reaching for food to soothe us

- Balancing pleasure and control

- Tuning into our hunger

- How each person's body is different and how one thing can work for someone may not work for someone else

- Essential oils that can support you on this journey

- The feelings that weaken the 4th chakra

- The celtic weave and how it works in our energy system

- Releasing debrief from our timeline

- What radiant circuits are and how they work

Plus so much more.

Affirmations for this episode:

- I'm grateful for how my body has stored my hidden emotions safely

- It's safe to release them now and welcome feelings of self worth and self congratulations in their place

- I am powerful and need not engage in parasitic relationships

- I allow myself to think in new and creative ways setting myself free of old faulty thinking and self sabotaging thoughts and behaviours

- It's safe to be loved

- I am balanced and grounded

- I keep my boundaries strong and healthy

- I give myself permission to thrive

- My family or my tribe has my back

- I'm ok with sugar

- I'm ok without sugar

- I am a great mother

- I can rely on my radiant circuits

- I'm able to express my anger in a healthy way



Tanya Ormsby