Episode #81: Rock Solid Base

Episode #81: Rock Solid Base - The Energy Workz Podcast with Tanya Ormsby

In this episode we cover:

- The importance of having a rock solid base

- Focusing on our strengths

- Loving ourselves

- Why having a strong foundation is vital

- Making time for movement

- Putting yourself first so you can give without depletion

- Our second chakra and it's connection to work

- Not allowing people to latch on to our aura in an unhealthy way

- Releasing apathy and not feeling numb

- Breaking generational habits

- When our base is strong and solid and someone pushes us we can cope with it

- Being neutral and unattached to outcomes

- Honouring where people are and not taking things personally

- Trusting the timing of our life and not the schedule we have in our minds

- Forgiving not only others but ourselves

- Creating a safe space for ourselves and others

- Asking for help when you need it

Plus much much more.

Affirmations for this episode:

- Healing occurs every time I rest, relax and allow myself enjoyment

- I speak my truth

- I substitute love, joy and peace for the old habits of addiction and abuse

- I'm ready to put my negative habits aside and express my creativity

- I grow in wisdom day by day

- Deep restorative sleep comes easily

- My vision is illuminated by gratitude and love

- I have a rock solid base

- I am not alone

- My heart is softened and I easily overcome the need to be critical and judgemental of others

- I recognise what is attached to my own pain and unhappiness and stop projecting it on to others in the form of blame

- I connect family to the qualities of love, openness and receptivity



Tanya Ormsby