Episode #80: Soul Burning Earning

Episode #80: Soul Earning Burning with Tanya Ormsby - The Energy Workz Podcast

In this episode we cover:

- Finding work that is fulfilling and meaningful 

- Believing we can earn a wonderful living from our gifts and passions

- Making sure you're having fun along the way

- The importance of finding your why

- Who are you called to help?

- Why sometimes we think shining is dangerous

- Figuring out what you could offer the world. Like if you love organising imagine all the people that need your help and would pay for your talents?

- How confidence comes with action

- Why starting is where the magic is

- Why sometimes we think change is unsafe

- Not punishing ourselves if we've made mistakes in the past

- Feeling worthy unconditionally

- Forgiving ourselves for being angry or offended

Affirmations for this episode:

- I believe in myself

- I allow self belief

- I act in alignment with my values

- I release my fears and replace them with faith

- My bones are strong

- I'm worthy of love, kindness and respect regardless of what I've done

- I'm able to see past my weaknesses and allow them to become my strengths

- I make a difference

- I allow myself to be led by God



Tanya Ormsby