Episode #78: Grief To Glory

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In this episode we cover:

- Shedding our old layers and our old selves

- Listening to our bodies and what it's saying to us

- Helping our children through tough times

- Shifting our vibration

- Releasing issues from our time line

- Letting go of stuck emotions

- How sometimes what we're doing isn't working

- Releasing feelings of hopelessness

Affirmations for this episode:

- I easily let go of toxic beliefs, toxic energies and negativity I move forward without hesitation

- I shift my mind towards fascination about what is possible

- The energy in my house is circulating clean and clear

- My clear energy flows freely and smooth

- I'm vibrating at a higher rate with greater ease and comfort

- I forgive those who have wounded me

- I forgive myself that I couldn't prevent the wound

- It's ok for me to relinquish control

- I focus on what I love and it comes to me

- My understanding of my life grows clearer each day

- It is safe for me to see the truth no matter what it is

- I trust in love



Tanya Ormsby