Episode #77: Facing Your Demons

The Energy Workz Podcast - Episode #77: Facing Your Demons

In this episode we cover:

- Why it's so tricky to face our demons

- How our patterns that we created when we were young don't serve us when we're adults

- Having support when we're facing our problems

- Not seeing asking or accepting help as a weakness

- Why you don't need to do everything on your own

- Not allowing our fear of failure to stop us from trying

- Why hiding isn't beneficial to anyone

- Trusting our intuition

- Stopping the critical voice in our minds

- Expressing who we really are

Affirmations for this episode:

- I no longer listen to the negative voices in my head

- I'm worthy of divine love and protection

- I'm enough regardless of what I own

- I can see past the minor irritations of life and see the whole picture

- I see my problems as lessons of growth not failure

- It's ok to peel away the layers and expose the real me

- The real me is worth knowing

- The real me is worth sharing

- It's safe to be happy

- I allow myself to be happy

- I allow myself to be happy throughout the journey

- I allow myself to be happy even through the difficult times

- I'm valued and appreciated for who I am

- My problems are the perfect problems for me



Tanya Ormsby