Episode #76: The Weapons of Love and Trust

The Energy Workz Podcast with Tanya Ormsby - Episode #76: The Weapons of Love and Trust

In this episode we cover:

- Why we sometimes operate from our past

- Healing our broken hearts

- Seeing where we've become stuck

- Loving and trusting ourselves

- Honouring what we feel

- Not allowing to people to walk all over you

- Not punishing ourselves for mistakes we make

- Releasing our feeling of powerlessness

- Realising how powerful we actually are

- Releasing our own time frame and trusting the universe that things will happen in the right time for us

Affirmations for this episode:

- I make wise decisions

- I'm peaceful and balanced while wielding my power

- I do things in the right way and time for me

- I continually see and follow my divine path

- I know I'm a powerful and wholesome force for good

- I accept responsibility for all my decisions

- I love who I am

- It's safe to be loved

- I trust in love

- I forgive easily and completely - especially myself

- I have room in my heart for love

- I have room in my heart for love for others

- I have room in heart for love for myself

- I accept others as they are

- I love unconditionally

- I love all those that need forgiving for not being what I wanted them to be

- Love is everywhere and I allow myself to experience it

- I'm calm settled and focused

- I reconnect myself to my primary goals

- I trust easily

- It's safe to trust

- I forgive the harsh life experiences that have contributed to my previously untrusting nature

- I feel comfortable letting people get close to me

- I soften my heart and heal my past wounds

- I allow myself to connect



Tanya Ormsby