Episode #75: Relationships Without Tentacles

The Energy Workz Podcast with Tanya Ormsby - Episode #75: Relationships Without Tentacles

In this episode we cover:

- Opening our heart and learning to trust

- Learning to have the right balance in our relationships

- Remembering to have fun

- Why some of us have trouble making decisions

- The different types of families and how it effects our ability to make decisions

- Knowing and learning that making mistakes are ok

- Making sure to speak up when we need to

- The essential oils that support us through challenging times

- Acting on inspiration without hesitation

- The importance of saying no

- Allowing ourselves to receive (and not always just giving)

- Not pushing ourselves past our limits

- Knowing when to stop and rest

Affirmations for this episode:

- I allow myself healthy relationships

- I no longer use tentacles

- I no longer accept tentacles

- I cast aside my worries and let go of controlling others and outcomes

- I let go of my fear and continue to grow

- Subtle energy flows from me and through me

- I say no with grace and courtesy

- I establish new clearer patterns of behaviour

- People are uncomfortable with using me or trespassing on my good nature

- I create balanced energy exchanges with others

- I know exactly how much I can share at any given moment

- My mind easily grasps new concepts and applies them

- My mind is able to tune into my heart

- My mind listens to my body and is able to decode it's messages easily



Tanya Ormsby