Episode #74: Moving Out Of Fear

Episode #74: Moving Out Of Fear

In this episode we cover:

- Overcoming our fears

- Releasing the "what if's"

- Handling the mental chatter in our minds

- Letting go of victim mentality

- Becoming aware of our inner chatter

- Being ok where we are first so we can move on

- Releasing hidden emotions and getting unstuck

- Being in rhythm with the Earth

- Trusting our gut and intuition

- Not allowing any mistake disable you or prevent you from trying again

Affirmations for this episode:

- I'm ok with my fear

- I allow myself to listen to my intuition

- I listen to my intuition

- I easily follow my intuition

- I'm ok without my fear

- I'm able to move out of fear

- Others accept who I am 

- I'm ok even if others fail to accept who I am

- I accept who I am

- I accept my faults

- I see my strengths

- I'm ready to move forward 

- I trust

- I trust in the universe

- I trust in myself

- I trust my experiences are for my greatest good

- I no longer live in fear

- I easily move from fear to trust



Tanya Ormsby