Episode #72: Choosing Gratitude

The Energy Workz Podcast with Tanya Ormsby - Episode #72: Choosing Gratitude

In this episode we cover:

- Being grateful for our lives

- Turning obstacles into opportunities of growth

- Why holidays are sometimes a tricky time

- Training our mind to see to see whole the picture and to not have tunnel vision

- Releasing overwhelm from our lives

- Not getting caught up in our to do list

- Working on things that are really important and releasing the things that aren't 

- Why forgiving someone doesn't mean allowing them to keep abusing us

- Stopping ourselves from being our worst critic

- How to stop wishing ourselves away and wishing we were someone else

Affirmations for this episode:

- I live my life on purpose

- I easily see what's most important

- I easily see what hurt me and I can easily how I change the situation 

- I can easily forgive 

- I lovingly release the people from my life that are unhealthy

- I release stubbornness from my life 

- I choose to be happy and balanced

- I safe for me to see the truth no matter what it is

- It's safe for me to see my mistakes

- I still approve of myself even when I make mistakes



Tanya Ormsby