Episode #71: It's Safe To Be Seen

The Energy Workz Podcast with Tanya Ormsby Episode #71 - It's Safe To Be Seen

In this episode we cover:

- Why we sometimes hide and not wanting to be seen

- Releasing our patterns of defensiveness

- Not wanting to be someone else

- Why you don't have to be copy someone else

- Why you don't have to be like someone else to be successful

- Loving and allowing ourselves to being loved

- Not letting our imagination run wild with our fears

- Stopping the worrying and fear cycle looping in our minds

- Speaking the whole truth

- Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable

- Not keeping in what we really need to express

- Letting go of guilt

- Filling ourselves up first

Affirmations for this episode:

- I love who I am

- I open my heart to love

- I forgive easily and completely

- My relationships are peaceful and balanced

- I'm able to freely love without fear or rejection

- I'm worthy and accepting of unconditional love

- My intuition and awareness are gifts

- I focus on what I love and it comes to me

- I'm responsible for the love and happiness in my life

- My understanding of life grows clearer each day

- My perception enables me to help myself and others achieve their highest purpose

- I forgive myself for being Queen like

- I forgive myself for being stupid

- I forgive myself for my silly mistakes

- It's safe to release the past experiences

- Everything is repairable

- I'm comfortable expressing my authentic self

- I substitute love, joy and peace for the old habits of addiction and abuse

- Everything I do is an expression of love

- I'm ready to put my negative habits aside and express my creativity

- It's now the right time to express the best of who I am now

 - It's ok for me to sing my life's song

- I release the fear and doubt that blocks the way to my creative expression 

- I express myself easily and with courage

- I release all the shame from past events

- It's safe to be seen

- I'm worthy to be seen

- I allow myself to be seen

- It's ok to for me to give others a glimpse into my life

- My life is worth sharing



Tanya Ormsby