Episode #70: Stop Self Sabotage

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In this episode we cover:

- Why we're ok with failing but terrified of success

- Why we're ok and more comfortable with things going bad (and how to stop the pattern)

- Getting clear on what you want

- Being clear how you want your life to look like

- Breaking down goals into baby steps so they're achievable

- Making sure we take time out to care of ourselves  in the midst

- Why our bodies are sounding board for what is going on in our lives

- The aches and pains are messages from your spirit

- Breaking toxic patterns from when we were young

- How some patterns develop in utero

- Vanishing twin syndrome

- Are you a vanishing twin?

- Learning to untangle our past experiences

- Creating our new story

- Believing in ourselves

- The false belief that life is hard and that you have to work hard to get what you want

- Releasing workaholic patterns

- Stopping the cycle of having to prove ourselves or proving our worth

- Why sometimes we feel like we're always going to be rejected

- Not allowing people to use our energy

Affirmations for this episode:

- I no longer need to self sabotage

- Living my purpose is worthwhile

- God supports me in my purpose

- My family support me in my purpose

- I allow myself to be supported

- I'm worthy of support

- It's safe to be supported

- I love myself even through my mistakes

- Success is safe

- I believe in myself 100%

- I'm aware in every moment

- I easily see the truth

- My brain organises and repairs itself each night while I sleep

- I'm ready to stop self sabotage

- I'm ready to move forward

- I'm ready to make the effort

- I'm ready to be who I'm suppose to be

- I'm ready to be a success

- It's safe to supported

- I'm worthy of support

- I allow myself to be supported

- My family supports me in my purpose

- My purpose is worthwhile



Tanya Ormsby