Episode #69: Over Overwhelm

The Energy Workz Podcast with Tanya Ormsby Episode #69: Over Overwhelm

In this episode we cover:

Observing versus reacting 

Keeping in balance

Trusting in God and the universe

Doing what we feel right (even if we face opposition)

How to stop playing it safe

Receiving support that we need

Turning difficult situations into opportunities

What happens when we grow and people in our lives don't 

Choosing our partners and the people we surround ourselves with wisely

Not allowing energy vampires to hook into our energy system

Affirmations for this episode:

I'm ok without being in overwhelm

I no longer need overwhelm to feel good about myself

I'm able to walk around the borders of overwhelm 

I'm willing to open my vision of the future to divine assistance

I am taking my surroundings and environment with comfort and ease

I'm safe with change

I allow myself to live my life

I allow myself to live a full life

I allow myself to grow

I allow my partner to grow

I allow my business to grow

I allow my family to grow

I find the easiest methods for me to learn

I learn quietly and peacefully

I can past the minor irritations of life and see the whole picture 

I am fun and spiritual 

I allow myself to have a backstop



Tanya Ormsby