Episode #68: Evict Negativity

The Energy Workz Podcast with Tanya Ormsby Episode #68: Evict Negativity

In this episode we cover:

Keeping on purpose and knowing on what's important   

Making sure we're committed to our goals  

Ensuring we have enough sleep to rest and restore, repair  

The power of making decisions  

Not being wishy washy  

Knowing not everything is a quick fix  

Adjust course if we need to   

Not allowing people to offend us or control how we feel   

Protecting ourselves energetically from negativity   

Being in touch with our feelings   

Choosing who we spend time with and who we don't  

How feelings are our guidance system  

Replacing old patterns of lack and replacing them with abundance   

Balancing rest and play  

Trusting and tuning in to our intuition


Affirmations for this episode:  

I encourage myself to pursue my goals   

I enhance my true creative powers by letting go of old limitations and insecurities  

I'm in touch with my feelings  

I am enough   

The old patterns of lack and loss are replaced with plenty and abundance  

We easily forgive past offence and forget family feuds  

Family occasions bring joy and love  

We provide a shoulder to lean on for each family member as they need and want it  

I accept love  

I easily listen to my inner voice  

I have different talents that are beyond comprehension   

I trust myself completely  

I love myself even when I fall  

I have strong healthy boundaries around negativity  

I am stronger than any negativity  

I easily evict negativity


Love,   Tanya

Tanya Ormsby