Episode #67: Time and Priorities

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In this episode we cover:

Focusing on the important things  

Remembering the importance of our contribution

Carving out time to take care of our body and making sure we rest and relax 

Making great decisions

Being able to express ourselves

How our grid gets damaged and to reset it 

Getting back into sync when we're out of sync

How to reweave our lives

Why we shouldn't skimp on sleep 

Affirmations for this episode:

I speak my truth

I willingly replace smoking, alcohol abuse, drugs, overeating and unhealthy dieting with my powerful creativity

I'm ready to put my negative habits aside and express my creativity 

It's ok for me to sing my life song 

I'm confident in the healing power of love to open my throat for greater expression

I partake of the Earth's resources with reverence and thanksgiving

My intuition and awareness are gifts 

I trust God that all the outcomes in my life are for my highest good

I am insightful

Deep restorative sleep comes easily

My perception enables me to help myself and others achieve their highest purpose

I so easily prioritise

I easily make great choices in my priorities 

 I easily balance time, family and work 

I easily take great care of myself while balancing time, family and work

It's ok for me to change direction in life

It's ok for me to relinquish the old way of thinking

I easily open my my mind and my heart to all of the universe will give

I'm bathed in light

I allow light my life 



Tanya Ormsby