Episode #64: What's Eating You


In this episode we cover:

What's behind our addictions?

Being able to perceive clearly and correctly 

Releasing the feeling of being overlooked

Appreciating our own gifts

Forgive ourselves for feeling offended 

Affirmations for this episode:

I easily perceive 

I easily perceive correctly 

I enjoy living everyday and see the funny side of everything

I'm aligned for God's/the universe's plan for me

I have the power to choose in any situation

Healing occurs every time I rest, relax and allow myself enjoyment

There is nothing inferior about me

I'm able to enjoy all emotions and give them room for expression 

I no longer fail to see who I am

I no longer fail to see my purpose

I easily believe in myself

I no longer need to compete to feel good about myself

I easily receive healthy attention

I love myself unconditionally

I love myself as I am now

I love treating my body in a healthy way

I love treating my body in a loving way

I'm in harmony with the universe

I easily find my purpose

I'm true to my purpose

My purpose has great value

My purpose is of worth to the world

It's safe to fulfil my purpose

I trust God/The Universe that all outcomes in my life are for my highest good

I use my power with wisdom

I easily hear what my spirit says

I listen to my spirits message through my body

I easily choose the right things to put into my mouth

I no longer let things eat me

I no longer eat when things eat me 

I love each of my failures and see them as stepping stones



Tanya Ormsby