Episode #63: Show Me The Money


In this episode we cover:

Unblocking the flow of money

Manifesting what we desire in life

Following our inspiration and our intuition

Letting go of being defensive

Listening to our body signals

Releasing the feeling of being jaded

Affirmations for this episode:

I'm able to be who I want to be 

I allow myself who I want to be

I allow myself to dream

I allow my dreams to become reality

I am in touch with reality

I am stronger than any obstacle

I'm still a good person even if I have money

My body is the temple of my soul, it is pure clean and holy

By returning my energy back down to earth I ground and discharge myself and remain powerfully present with whomever I surround myself with or whichever task I work on 

I find relief is this uncovering process to know what is behind my reactivity and I work through it rather than avoiding it feeling soothed to meet my emotional issues 

I know my purpose

I feel my purpose

I allow myself to see that I am whole

I easily forgive and forget while maintaining healthy boundaries 

I choose to believe that life is fun and I always find the help I need 

I allow myself to have money

I allow myself to be shown the money

I am comfortable with money

I allow myself to fulfil my purpose so that I achieve all that is righteous within my heart 

Tanya Ormsby