Episode #62: Body Love

The-Energy-Workz-Podcast -with-Tanya-Ormsby-Episode-62:-Body-Love

In this episode we cover:

Not being so hard on ourselves

Taking time out and enjoy ourselves

Making sure we connect to our friends and family

The essential oil myrrh  (the oil of mother earth) can help support us on our journey

Feeling safe in our bodies and our lives

Trusting ourselves and releasing regret

Listening to our body's signals

The power of apology 

Affirmations for this episode:

By repairing my mother child bond I restore my childlike ability to trust

I'm safe

I'm safe in my body

I am enough

I am physically enough

I'm spiritually enough

I'm emotionally enough

I am worthy of love, kindness and respect regardless of what I've done

I forgive myself and my family for being defensive

I no longer over commit myself 

Others who accept who I am

I love my mind and the individual way it sees my purpose

I allow myself to be lead by God

I am free to move forward

I love my healthy body 

I enjoy moving my healthy body 

I trust and allow my body to heal 

I accept my own intelligence

I use the full extent of my own intelligence 

I use the part of my brain that I would not normally use

It's safe to be happy

It's safe to be smart

It's safe to be strong and healthy

It's safe to exercise

I willingly exercise daily

I easily find the right exercise for me

I easily find enjoyment for the right exercise for me

I forgive myself for being confused 

I forgive my body for failing to work perfectly

I allow my body to repair

I easily learn what my body says to me



Tanya Ormsby