Episode #61: Embracing Change


In this episode we cover:

Creating changes in our lives 

How to motivate ourselves (even when we don't feel like it)

Asking for help and getting support along the way

Not being scared to think differently from others

Using our given gifts

Following our heart and taking baby steps

Trusting in a higher power and divine timing

Releasing negative self talk

Being conscious of triggers

How to start trusting our intuition and stop doubting it

Affirmations for this episode:

Why do I so easily embrace change

My mind is stable and balance even under pressure

My mind is beautiful 

My mind no longer reverts to fear when I'm in challenging situations

My mind is willing to serve me in accomplishing my mission in life

I focus clearly on what is my highest priority each day

All parts of my mind work together well

As I invest in myself the universe rises to meet me

I use my anger as a tool

Change is a healthy thing

Change is a happy thing

I'm ready to make change

I allow myself to change

I allow myself to change even when other people don't like it



Tanya Ormsby